Alaskan 4 Star Charters - Salmon, Halibut, Shark, Rockfish, Ling Cod, Sightseeing

Please note that the ride out is fast on the Alaskan 4 Star, traveling at 30 knots. We get you to Alaska's most abundant saltwater fishing, Prince William Sound, in the shortest time possible. Captain Jody is a long time Alaskan fisherman who knows the waters of Prince William Sound. His goal is to take you where the fish are.

For Fishing Charters the trip lasts about 2 l/2 hours; Other Charters will vary depending on the one you choose. We all wish we did not have to travel so far, but that's the way it is if we want to limit out.

One very nice thing about fishing Prince Wiliam Sound is that it is very protected, this means usually calm waters for you. During the ride to the fishing grounds you will have a chance to see some of Alaska's most beautiful shore lines.

Please Note: I prefer not to do Combo trips. Its just to hard on me and you to find your limit of fish. You see most fish are caught in a very short time period, and that's up to the fish not me. It seams fish are a lot like us, they eat when they are ready and not until. We can help that a little by fishing with Jigs not bait. I will explain on the boat, but trust me you won't be sorry; Sore and tired yes, but it will be worth it.

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