Alaskan 4 Star Charters - Rules / Policies

Please read carefully and understand these policies.

Refund Policy

  1. If you cancel a charter at least 14 days prior to the charter, you will be refunded 100% (less credit card fees and services)
  2. If you cancel within 14 days of your trip or you are a no show you will not be refunded unless we can rebook the trip.
  3. You will be refunded 100% if we have to cancel due to weather or mechanical problems before leaving port.
  4. In the event you have had bad luck (i.e. mechanical, tunnel openings, weather, etc.) we will try our best within our abilities.
  5. If mechanical problems arise before we reach the fishing grounds you will be refunded 100%.
  6. If mechanical problems arise on the fishing grounds before 12 PM, we will rebook you or refund you 50%.
  7. If mechanical problems arise on the fishing grounds between 12 PM and 2 PM, we will refund you 40%.
  8. If mechanical problems arise after 2 PM, or on our way back in, we will not refund any money.
  9. We cannot guarantee a group exclusive access to a vessel unless you or your party buys the whole boat. We try not to mix parties, but sometimes it is necessaryto fill the boat.
  10. You will be charged a 7% cancellation fee if you’ve paid by credit card and require a refund for any reason. No cancellation fee will be charged on refunds of payment by cash or check.

Operating Policy

A 25% deposit is required to reserve a date. Payment must be received in full prior to departure.

In order to facilitate things on the day of your trip, please make an effort to pay prior to arriving in Whittier and to bring your receipt. It's best to PURCHASE YOUR FISHING LICENSE before arriving in Whittier. Fishing licenses can be difficult to find early in the morning in Whittier. Forgetting a fishing license will likely cut your trip short by at least an hour.

On the morning of your trip, you will travel through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel at the first opening (5:30 AM) and head straight into Whittier. The tunnel operates for 15 minutes in each direction. If you're late, you'll have to wait an hour for the next opening. I can be found at the dock, you will see me at the Alaskan 4 Star boat.

Losing time in Whittier cuts down on your trip time. Once you find me, I can help with figuring out the unloading and parking situation. I prefer to be out of the harbor by 7 AM.


Yes, you can drink on my boat, but if you do I have the the right to stop fishing at any time that I feel someone is too drunk to be on the water. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I will cut the lines and turn the boat around for Whittier. We are all out there to have fun, but the safety of everyone on board is my responsibility.

**No Illegal Activity or Drug Use will be tolerated at any time.**


Please bring what you want, but I do ask that you keep it to a minimum. Space is tight on all boats so 1 small to midsize cooler is best, not 2 or 3.

Bring Your Own Fishing Gear?

You can bring it, but understand that I fish differently than you do. Your rod and reel may not be best for the type and style of fishing that we do. I only have enough space for my rods. If you have any lures you want to try, bring them, we can all learn new tricks. I supply all the tackle that you will need.

Camera and Video Gear

I will have an inverter installed for those of you who need it to change your batteries.


I love kids, I only ask that they be at least 8 years old. It's hard on them otherwise and that makes it hard on you. You know what that means, they don't have fun so you don't have fun. I do ask that if you bring them that sometime during the day you give up some of your fishing time and let me put them on some Black Bass. This will make their day, Trust Me.