Sightseeing Charters

Prince William Sound has some of the most spectacular scenery and unique wildlife one can see.

Depending on the trip you book, one can expect to see some of the following animals:

Alaskan Wildlife

Humpback whales, Orca (killer whales) Dalls Porpioses, Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, Stellar Sea loins and of course birds Bald eagles, Both Horned and Tuffed Puffings and in May there is the Shorebird Migration.

There are also the Black Bear, Brown bear, Mountain Goats, and dear.

Blackstone Glacier Tour (3 hrs)

Blackstone is the closest tide water Glacier to Whittier. You will spend about 1 hour at the glacier and then return, we also will stop at the Kittiwake Rookery.

Harriman Fjord Tour (4 - 6 hrs)


Here you can spend up to 3 hours looking at the glaciers caving and look for wildlife both on and off water. This is up to you and the ice. Leaving there we will run through Ester Passage and make a stop off at the hatchery to see salmon eagles and sometimes Black bears. Then leave the hatchery and head for home with a stop at the Kittiwake rookery.

Long Range Wildlife Tour (8 - 10 hrs)

Whales, Sea lions. Seals, Puffins Bears, Dear are just some of what can be found on these trips. We run a long way on these trips; Whales and Sea loins and Puffins are just about 98% of the time. Bears and Dear about 50%. Depending on how long you want to watch these great animals we can also swing into the only working Oyster Farm in Prince William Sound. We also have a chance to stop in to one of the prettiest bays in the sound and see the Herring Saltery as it stands today. This entire concourse depends on what you want to see and do and Mother Nature.

Prince William Sound Map

Please remember that the Sound is vast,With some 3000 miles of shoreline, some 2500 square miles of water and over 70 islands.