Early season fishing starts May to mid-June; with some fish being caught in the upper reaches of 100 lbs…but most are in the 20’s to 50’s.

From mid-June to August the Halibut start to come into the sound in larger numbers. As the Salmon start to enter the sound, the fishing gets even better. The Halibut feed on the salmon and other; this is when you will see the larger fish. The largest Halibut landed by AK 4 Star Charters is just under 325 lbs.

On July 1st the Lingcod season opens; these fish can reach some 70 lbs, and are some the best eating of all Alaskan salt water fish. Jody has given these fish his own nick name; “funnels with teeth”. If you are lucky to land one, you will soon find out how and why he calls them that!

Oh and don’t forget the Sea Bass; these fish can reach 20+ lbs. This makes for a nice mix in the fish box on board the WildLife.

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