Charter rules;

refunds. operation. drinking. food. personal gear. camera. kids.

Please read carefully and understand these policies:

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Drinking... Food... Personal gear... Camera and Video... Children...

Yes, you can drink on my boat, but if you do I have the the right to stop fishing at any time that I feel someone is too drunk to be on the water. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I will cut the lines and turn the boat around for Whittier. We are all out there to have fun, but the safety of everyone on board is my responsibility. **No Illegal Activity or Drug Use will be tolerated at any time.**
Please bring what you want, but I do ask that you keep it to a minimum. Space is tight on all boats so 1 small to midsize cooler is best, not 2 or 3.
Personal Fishing Gear
We prefer that guests leave their personal fishing gear at home. I supply all the gear and gadgets that you will need.
Camera and Video Gear
There is an inverter installed for those of you who need it to charge your batteries.
I love kids! It can be hard on them and that makes it hard on you. You know what that means, they don't have fun so you don't have fun. *Please keep that in mind*. I do ask that if you bring them that sometime during the day you give up some of your fishing time and let me put them on some Black Bass. This will make their day, Trust Me. When booking, please let me know if you intend to bring children.
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